don't let me down
2019-05-07 00:27:32 (UTC)

was a little ruff

man this morning i was in such a good mood and my bf got mad bcz i was hanging out with my friends and well what can i say i got mad bcz they are the people i love and he said the one of them want to fight him and the other one wants to fight him and i'm just like u wanted to fight one of them how is that my fault so i got over that and also him and at the end of the day he got jealous again bcz i hunged my boy bestfriend and i got hella mad and what can i say if i see him hugging a girl i would get piseed and well i got mad and i walked away and he called my name and he ran to me to say sorry and i forgave him bcz god forgives my mistakes i should forgive him to and he said that he does not want to be mad at me and i was like okiee and he gave me a hug but that is my day for today .