Experienced Life
2019-05-05 07:52:48 (UTC)

Double Birthday party

I went to a double birthday party yesterday. It was for two of my core friends. One was my dart partner for years. We sure won many a tournaments in our prime. The other is a lady that's been married to one of my other core friend. We are close and can tell each other anything pretty much. Good food. Didn't drink much because I had to drive so I was pretty much sober. Just a couple of beers and some wine. It was outdoor in the guy's backyard and it was a nice day. Not hot at all and we made a fire when it got dark. I don't know why but a fire pit at night relaxes me so much watching the flames while providing warmth :)

I think I'l skip gym today. I need a rest day and i went 6 days in a row now. I even went last Wed when I had my colonoscopy and the doctor or nurse said to take it easy that day. Screw it! I went anyway. It was fine.

I'll attend church today. God know I need it. I'm also following this guy on youtube. It helps me understand my thoughts, feeling, recollecting the past and how it can sometimes be detrimental as you get caught in a loop of memories and instead of living life, your there living in the past. I have a pretty good understanding of it now. I am able to keep from falling into severe depression as I understand it's all pretty much manifested in your mind. And because it's in your mind, you don't question it as truth when it's all just simply thoughts. I'm working on it. I need to stay postive in life and be happy and thrive to never stop improving. That's about all I can do and to live the moment. I got this :)

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