Experienced Life
2019-05-03 19:12:07 (UTC)

Different gym today

I went to a different gym today. My gym is closed on Friday nights for a month so I went to a sister gym not far away. Get this, they have air conditioning at this other gym!!! Way freaking better to work out!!! I rocked it. Everything is easier to do when it's cooler. I love working out in air conditioning.

I checked my weight when I got home. I'm in great position to partay tomorrow ;) Celebrating double birthdays with my friends. Lots of food and drinks for sure. I ate very healthy today. I'll wake up probably weighing near 153 lbs. Yeah baby!!! I sort of hate getting in shape. It makes you more capable of performing in bed. The thing is, there is no one to perform in bed with at the moment. hahaha. Ah shit!! Can't win :)

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