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2019-05-03 21:13:36 (UTC)

Prompt 022: Immediate Future

22. What are you most looking forward to in the immediate future, and why? What are you most looking forward to in the next couple of years, and why?
In the immediate future, I have a handful of things on the way that I'm looking forward to. This is a three-day weekend. I take myself out to the cinema nearly every Sunday morning. We begin week 2 of 3-week training course, and it's been really enjoyable so far - and I'm the head instructor. The demand letter to the insurance company of the driver that hit me should be sending my attorney an answer of some kind by the end of the month (I think my share of the settlement will be round $60K: the most money I've had at once ever in my lifetime).

However, tomorrow is my sister's wedding. Normally I'd just be an attendee, or maybe even in the bridal party (like I was in her first wedding). However, I'm actually officiating this wedding. Officiating, as in "running the show." I visited she and her man at their house today, we had a conversation all about it, and things are just about set to go. It'll be a brief ceremony in their backyard, with family and a few friends in attendance. I tried on my dry-cleaned suit along with a new dress shirt, and I think I present pretty far beyond "embarrassing" and instead look "pretty good." I'll be writing vows and a brief set of words tonight to make sure everything on my end is sorted and - again - not an embarrassment, and actually pretty good.


I wrote this the evening of 19th April, a short time after returning home from the visit to my sister's place. I think I ended my writing because I knew the hour of the day required I do some writing and working-out of the verbiage required for the wedding. I hand-wrote the vows and things required for the ceremony in a small booklet (the kind I typically reserve for my pocket-sized, month-long day planners), and tucked it into the interior pocket of my suit the evening before, ensuring I wouldn't misplace it before the wedding. Just in case, I also typed up what I wanted to say and saved it to a flash drive I keep on my keychain.

For as little I care regarding rules and weddings and my sister (frankly speaking), I surely did my due diligence with this task. It turned out well (and I wrote about this in a previous entry), so the preparation paid off in full and then some. I think I impressed the worthwhile people - and several other people I'll never see again in my life. So it was all right.