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2019-05-03 18:52:41 (UTC)

Letters, etc.

Another "personal" entry. I suppose I'll be doing these occasionally, at least when I feel I've something on my chest to unload.

I've dealt frequently with letters as of late. I enjoy writing letters, and have written more than I would expect to be the average for the typical person in this day and age - I'm certain there are many, many people I know who haven't written an actual letter within even the last three years or so. However, I enjoy them a lot. As I have issues with the Internet in general, I think using "antiquated" methods of contact has considerable value, though it's a dying art.

That being said...
- Last night, I attended a speaker's event in which a friend of mine and a few others discussed letter-writing as an art form. It took place at a library, and focused on the letter as a significant, intimate, and deliberate form of communication that confers many advantages - but is also much less expedient - when compared to emails, text messages, IMs, and the like. I enjoyed hearing their perspectives. To close the event, my friend facilitated a letter-writing activity, and they gave two options: write a letter to yourself, or write a letter to a stranger. I opted for the former, and I expect to receive this letter to myself around this time next year.
- Around the time of our breakup, I told my most-recent ex that I intended to write her a letter to let her know what was going on in my head, how plans for therapy had been going, and a few other personal details. Well, I wrote it, she ostensibly received it, and she replied to me via email. It was essentially, "Goodbye, good luck. I don't really want to talk to you anymore." Of course, she was "infallibly polite and very sweet" about it, and I briefly responded to her to let her know I thought so. I don't intend to reach out to her again unless she contacts me first.

Strangely enough, after writing that letter, I misplaced my fountain pen. I half-heartedly wonder if there's a connection, or if it's just a coincidence.

- Although it wasn't the first time I had done this, I had facilitated the "letter to myself" exercise at my day job today. I collected letters from the clients who had finished our three-week training program, and will send them out a month from now. It's nothing as intense as a year-long commitment, but it's a letter that still carries weight. It's pretty clear that some of our clients are unfamiliar with addressing envelopes, for one thing, so it was likely at least a novel experience. I've been doing this with cohorts all throughout this year, and I'll keep doing it as long as our Business Director agrees to provide me with stamps.

In other news, I had a checkup with my physician yesterday. He's a cool guy. I told him I had some depression and anxiety issues, and he casually diagnosed me with PTSD related to the cycling accident. Earlier this afternoon I filled the prescription he gave me for a low-dose antidepressant, and picked up some melatonin along with it. I'll see how I react to the prescription tonight, and will start taking melatonin if sleeping isn't easier.

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