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2019-05-03 12:52:07 (UTC)

Motorcycle keys

Where the heck are they? I'm trying to sell my motorcycle and my ex wife says she didn't take them but I can't find it at all. Turned the house upside down and can't find it. Actually, it's the lock for the locking saddle bags is what I need. I have one key for the ignition so I at least have that thank goodness. But there were multiple spares and the key for the saddlebags I'm sure was on this one carabiner which the ex wife say she don't have. I asked her again today to double check. Doubt she'll even lift a finger to try but I had to ask. The only there option is to go to a locksmith and have them make a key with the lock. I'd prefer not to have to do that though. I also had handle locks that would lock my helmet ring on the handle but I'm not going to even mention that it's there for the future buyer.