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2019-05-02 15:10:08 (UTC)

Short break

I get a short break today. I'll need to go back to work shortly. I will try to sneak in a gym class at 6:30PM. Then back at work at 10PM-12AM. This can be done so easily during business hrs, I don't see why we can do it during that time but the execs heads are on the line so they are in panic mode not wanting anything bad to happen. Pfffttt!! I'm good. I got this shit. Just hoping I can get the first one done quick so I can make a gym session then maybe time for dinner before I go back to work again.

I still feel down. Maybe not getting laid is messing with me. haha. But I will not use that as a lame excuse to want my ex gf or ex wife back. I'm looking for a more real and more longer lasting relationship than what those two provided. Long term goal is to find a woman but the right woman. Or...die trying to be a positive person at least.