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2019-05-02 19:02:57 (UTC)

5PM migration didn't happen

So, because someone didn't set up a correct AWS account, we were not able to do what we needed to do. All because someone didn't know how to do their simple job of getting a customer the correct account!! Sigh... So now, we have to get reapproval and try it again next week Friday at 5PM. More waste of my partay time!! hahah. But.... I have to say that my job is fun and I get paid well so I shouldn't gripe too much. I'll allow myself a little bitching though. I had a tough day.

I did make the 6:30 PM gym class. My coach said it was weird seeing me that late. Made the class seem out of place for him. I'm usually at the 4:30 session day in day out. Not tonight. And for something that didn't even happen.

I have a short break. I'm able to go home. Have dinner. Maybe rest for a bit then it's off to work again. This time, it's not for AWS. It's for Azure. Hope to God the customer knows what he needs to do on his end.

Not much time to dwell on personal stuff. Thank goodness for that. I got a lot of things on my mind and it's good I'm too busy to dwell on negative thoughts and the past. Maybe I just need to get laid. It's been awhile :(

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