Experienced Life
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2019-05-02 12:16:21 (UTC)

Getting Some Bad Karma all day

Woke up from a dream. It was about my Son. He said I left them. I said I did not. I've been living here at the same place all these years and they (His Mom) is the one that left. So I woke up feeling like crap. That ex wife is so freaking evil. Can't fix stupid so I just ignore it.

Then, I see my bottles of liquor is on the counter but 3 bottles are empty or almost empty. I asked my roomie and she confirmed she was drinking them but haven't touched it in a long time. Well, there is about an ounce left on a big bottle and an inch left from another bottle. One is completely empty and that empty one was a 50 dollar bottle. Sigh.... So I told her not to drink my alcohol anymore. No sharing of alcohol and she needs to get her own. That pissed me off some.

Then at work, one dumbass customer thinks he knows it all. Even though multiple Engineers keep telling him what he wants to do can't be done his way, he doesn't believe it. Another "can't fix stupid" situation. So now, we will have another meeting discussing this and all to have him be told that he can't do what he is wanting to do because it's not possible. What a waste of time. What's worse is they want to make this change (if he does it the way we tell him to) at 10PM at night!!! So that now means I'm stuck at work from 9AM till midnight tonight when and if we finally get the customer to do it the correct way.

So here I am, feeling all this negativity. I'm fighting to keep a positive attitude and just riding this wave out. This too shall pass and it'll be ok soon. Can't help but think it sure sucks sometimes to not be able to come home to someone....