Do Not Disturb

2019-05-02 12:12:36 (UTC)

Halfway, Their

This entry has been on my mind a lot but I just haven't really got to it.

Now that exam week is almost over I can finally relax. Well, I've been relaxing ever since my so- called boss gave me that whole 1/2 week off from work without even giving me a reason why. And hopefully it won't shorten up my check to much..

But that also gave me a reason to focus on school a lot more.


I also found out that I really suck at writing essays. It's not that I didn't know how to do it and I do know how. The intro and the conclusion paragraph always get me. But it is what it is. I'm done with a class that I don't even have to worry with or stress over about anymore. English was never really my best subject. Especially when it came down to the essays. Don't give me wrong I love to write but not essays.

But no worries like I've said before the quicker I find another job the quicker I can quit this one. It's not that I didn't like the job. Their were also some things I've liked about the job.... Like.... Okay.... I lied theirs nothing that I like about this job. The only thing I like is that I get an employee discount every time I get food their ( which is a good thing ).

Me and JT fell asleep on the phone last night again like we've been doing every other night since we started talking. This time longer. Yesterday was 17 hours last night was 12 hours. Okay, so I wouldn't say longer but I actually enjoy being otp with him.

Like how I also really wanna go on this trip with him to the Bahamas. Maybe I can get my dad to help me pay for this trip. I doubt it though. Doesn't hurt enough to ask. I'm his daughter. He'll have to say yes. Well maybe not yes to every thing because he's expecting me to be independent on my own and pay for my own things when necessary and I am. I just need for him to pay a hundred or so dollars and I'll be good my mother included.

My mom was considering on me taking one class this summer for the semester. Even though I clearly wanted to take a break. One class won't hurt.

Finished mt History final exam last night. I present my presentation for music today. I did mine of coarse on Taylor Swift. Because.... Why not ???

My mom asked for a 20 this morning when I clearly wasn't okay with it because I was saving up for the trip. I gave it to her anyways. Hoping that she'll give me the change in return. I wish I knew about this trip sooner. But it is what it is.

I work this weekend of coarse. And all till 11. She wouldn't give me any days and when I asked for a morning shift she could only give me night shift knowing that I have school. Same goes with next week. But maybe since I'm basically out of school. Maybe she'll give me my hours back. Idk.

I never knew that taking one day off because I wasn't feeling well could mess up my schedule so easy.

Never again.

I always write better in the mornings.

Okay, going back to sleep now.

- A