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2019-05-01 12:42:45 (UTC)

Colonoscopy went good

So today's colonoscopy went great. Got in and a very nice nurse was chatting with me. We talked a little about the procedure then some small talk. She reminded me of my friend from Lithuania and she just got her Nursing license. My nurse said she was from UK and that's why she has a cool accent too. Cute and very good as a nurse.

Got out pretty quick. My friend of 20 years was there waiting for me. We went to lunch. I was hungry. Went to a japanese buffet because I lost all that weight from pooping all night long. Now I need to get the residual meds from this procedure outta me. I know I'm not supposed to but I'm going to hit the gym today. Fuck it. I'm going :)

Going to the hostpital and not having the speciial wife, girlfriend, or whatever can be a little bit depressing. Just a little. You know, there comes a time and age where I think you're supposed to have a better half that should be with you in life. Times like this. This makes me feel a little down. Told my friend that too. She did say that if I was still going with my ex gf, that truck wouldn't be sitting in the garage right now and we both laughed. I mean, it is true. I would not have been able to save and buy one should I have still been with my ex gf. So that snapped me back into reality and I'm to so down on myself anymore.

Otherwise, it was a good day so far and I intend to make it a better day.

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