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2019-04-30 19:53:52 (UTC)

Got my weight down to 156.5

Well, I worked out hard and ate right this week and was able to hit 156.5. Whew!! I was at 162 last weekend from eating at the freaking buffet. Oysters there were the bomb!!! Tomorrow, I get to go to do my colonoscopy. I drank the kool aid. By that, I mean the stuff that flushes out your system. Yup. Pooping like a rock star right now :) haha. I'm pretty sure I'll make my weight by tomorrow morning :)

Also, I went to get a free consultation for cool sculpting? This new way to get rid of fat. They freeze your fat at areas you want off of you and when it dies, you eventually filter it out of your body. Takes 30 days to see the difference and 90 for the long term effect. The thing is, they can go directly to the shitty spots. For me, that's the love handles and belly. The lady doing it inspected my stomach. She says most of my fat is outside the muscle so that's ideal for this type of procedure. She says that fat under the muscle is hard to fix because they can't freeze the fat under the muscle. So I'm a good candidate.

I was telling her I'm disappointed after over 20 months of crossfit maybe 5 days a week and I still don't have a six pack or at least was hoping for a 6 pack. Anyway, she checked me out and she said that I do have a six pack. It's obvious that I work out and it is showing definitions. Just some of the fat over my 6 pack is causing it not to show. But she said I have good toned abs.

She showed me the plan on where and what to work on and what is expected to be the results. All sounds good except it's going to cost me 3700 bucks!!! WTF? I'm not a Movie Star from Beverly Hills. I'm just a regular working man. I can't imagine spending 3,700 to do this. Hoping there's a groupon for 1/2 off. Then I'm good to go. But 3,700? I dunno. I say screw that!! Still.... it would be cool t finally get that over the top last fat off my ass (more my belly) and finally get that 6 pack I've been wanting for-ev-errrrrr. haha

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