Experienced Life
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2019-04-30 07:18:29 (UTC)

Stupid dream

I can't believe my unconscious mind dreamt about my ex wife. Stupid dream. I don't even care about her but she popped into my unconscious mind again. Same old shit. She talks about coming back and I'm just rolling my eyes thinking bullshit and I don't want you back. Why can't I have cool dreams like making love to a cute woman or something like that? But nope, gotta be dreaming of a loser instead. What a waste of brain functions. lol

I am off today because tomorrow I get the back door camera procedure. Yup, my first colonoscopy. Can't freaking wait! Not!!! Just a normal check up but it's weird to me that at this modern day and age, you get a camera shoved up your butt. Sigh... But it has saved lives preventing worse things to happen so I guess I gotta take it like a man and man up.

Maybe I'll do a morning crossfire class. I think there is one more I can make this morning. Then in the afternoon, I can focus on flushing out mysel system. hahah. That means taking that medicine and going #2 all day long. Yay!! So much fun today :)