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2019-04-28 19:42:50 (UTC)

anxious preoccupied attachment ..

anxious preoccupied attachment style.

i like him too much. it's mad.
i'm afraid that i'm back there. to where i started from. i can picture his face so tangibly. i'm annoyed at myself for

when it swells up within you, find a way to manage it.
shed yourself of all shame
be honest with yourself to achieve self awareness
only after you achieve self awareness can you begin to heal
healing is not an overnight process.
how to manage the symptoms.

478 breathing exercises in this moment. in through nose for 4, hold for 7, exhale through mouth.

I haven't written about him in a few weeks. this will be the first. in a bit. and i wonder whether by writing its just

its likely that i wasn't as strong as i thought. but then again don't they say it has to begin in your head first, and as long as you practice feeling

don't dwell too much on it, on what you think is a failure. like in football, you miss a catch or you drop the ball, or make a mistake and you forget it- it's what you do next that matters, how you rise from it. it's happened, so keep it pushing. so i shouldn't beat myself up and indulge in idle reflection - only if that reflection leads to action that is seen through.

1. Be honest with yourself.
- write down every destructive habit, thought, belief you have. anything that goes against self love, sit dow
- you're not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough.
- destructive habit: lateness. bad diet.
--- there's something wrong wtih me. there's something defective about me. there's something weird about me.

- later on in yout self love journey you can look back and see how bad youev come

Reprogram your subconscious mind
- you can do all the things. if you don't reprogram your mind to belive that you're worth loving, and you're good, that you deserve good things.
- your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that
- it manifests as your reality around you...in the way you allow peple to treat you.
- love yourself subconcsiouly.

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