2019-04-29 03:12:00 (UTC)

A Standing Ovation

The way we measure time is based on how we calculate the distance from one moment to another.
The past 48 hours I have experienced many amazing moments in such a brief period of time.
My speech, from beginning to end, was filled with deafening silence - and was met at the end with deafening applause.
I had no idea my words could make such an impact on people. But there's more for me to improve on, I'm sure.
This is to be expected. But I can't let it go to my head. I still gotta take care of myself.
I haven't been taking much care of myself recently. I burned the shit out of myself trying to make tortilla chips.
It might blister later, but it's chill. I learned my lesson for sure. I'm gonna go try one when I finish.
I wonder what people will say in class. I know a few people didn't get to see me, but most of the class did.
The ones that mattered did. The speech was good.
Was it?
Or am I crippling my own achievements?
My dopamine is getting flushed from me.
How do I stop?

How do I stop?
I keep updating. I keep changing. I keep trying.
One bit at a time.
My skin is burning.
My mind is burning.
My limit is near. I keep trying it. I need to take care of myself.