Experienced Life
2019-04-28 13:35:10 (UTC)

Woah!! Too much moderate eating

Dang!! I just messed around for one weekend and I'm already at 162 lbs. haha. Ok, gotta be good again. Went to church instead of gym. Figured my inner self needed some work more than my body but now that I checked my weight, maybe I picked wrong :)

Anyway, today I organized a little bit in hopes I find some keys that are missing. I asked the ex wife awhile back and she said she didn't have it. Cleared out and purged my dresser. Lots of old clothes to donate. Threw away some junk but didn't find my keys. Afterwards, went to church, then Costco. I went impulse shopping again but managed to get what I really needed. Chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower Oh, and another box of kurig coffee packs :)

Haven't eaten all day. Going to have some lunch and maybe jump rope for a bit. No alcohol crave and not craving it so I'm good.