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2019-04-28 06:52:07 (UTC)

Got to take care of some things yesterday

So I did some goofing off yesterday. Main thing is that I kept it drama free :) Got the truck washed waxed and even put a little mod on it. I'm so into Game of Thrones and I had to put my favorite emblem on it .The three dragons :) Here is the link to it.

Also, I decided to pig out for a day. I think I had something like 10 oysters. These are the big ass ones along with sushi and other goodies at this Japanese buffet.

I did get to work out a little bit. Jump roped for an hr. You'd be surprised how hard that it. Seems easy but bouncing around for an hr gets tough. I'm sort of glad when I trip up and tangle at times so I can stop for a bit :)

Also, my hammock came in. Got to enjoy using it. Got two trees in the backyard and it's the perfect distance for my hammock :)

Today, I"ll see if I will finally put in the fusebox for my truck I made several weeks ago. Slowing down on modding because I"m getting too busy and a little lazy too :) I think Sarah will be attending the 10:30 session at the other gym sooooooo... yup, I'm a dog and I'll go there today. I'll miss the 11:30 Church service but there is a 6PM one I can go to. God knows I'm so full of crap and need to get my head and heart straightened out. :)

Anyway, busy is good. Life goes by with more meaning when you're busy. Much better than wallowing in you past and shit that happened. That to me is the most waste of life.