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2019-04-28 10:20:51 (UTC)


I am so guilty today. My conscious is killing me. Yesterday was a crazy day for me, my life has taken a big turn that I shall never come back from no matter how hard I’ll try, Its forever written. I have trust issues, my last bad relationship has ensured that I get no peace at all. I have met this young man that I think I love. I don’t know if I really do but am sure I care about him. Well as of yesterday, I had my spa voucher and deluxe hotel suite night offer that I decided to use, this guy insisted that he wanted to come spend the day with me, I accepted. Well what’s the worst that could happen?… jokes on Me! Everything was so wrong, we became intimate, I tried to control but NO! I let it happen… how about the promises? I can’t judge that,,, I seem to think he’s a master manipulator!