Experienced Life
2019-04-27 08:34:57 (UTC)

Saturday morning

So I saw a post on FB with a pic. It was a Fullfill and fulfil pic. One showed a clutter of shit and concerns. The other was a pic for green grass and trees. I like it. Reglects the kinda life I've been trying to achieve this year. It sucked to have broken up with my gf but it did open doors for me on life and I'm so glad I can now see what I see.

For today, I'm still in bed on my second cup of kurig style coffee. I went to get some water for the machine. Only then did I realize I slept only with a shirt on so I had to laugh when I pulled the blanket and say my yahoo down there. Didn't expect or realize I went to be like that. I later remembered I'd give it a try to see if I can sleep better. Obviously it did :)

I still have time to make it to the last crossfit class for today but not sure if I should since I just got an epidural yesterday. Sometimes I'm too gung ho for my well being. I do need to go to the car wash and maybe try those self service washes with the spray gun. Then off to Costco for that big ass bag of broccoli and rotisserie chicken. I know I shouldn't be having the dark meat and skin but it ends up lasting me like 5 dinners and the weight results has been pretty good. I easily maintain my 155 lbs. Maybe if I go fo 150 again, I may have to modify my diet but am I happy with what I have? Pretty much. No six pack but I'm good enough for our camping at the lakes, pool parties, and river floats with the gang.

I did look at something called "cool sculpting' but they want 3 thousand for one visit. They said the 5-10 pounds I'm trying to get rid of requires just one visit. One 3 thousand dollar visit. The hell with that!!! I'll wait for a groupon.

Otherwise, I'm going to have a fun relaxing day. Maybe tinker with my truck mods. Maybe do some jump rope. Whatever I do today, it'll be fun and relaxing.