Do Not Disturb

2019-04-27 06:10:49 (UTC)

Been A While....

More like 5 days.

I just couldn't come up with a really good title to write with. Work sucks and that's as usual.

I've only saw JT once out of this whole week and that was on a Monday and we only saw each other for 45 minutes.

I get to see him tomorrow but I only get to see him for 3 hours tops because of him having band practice from 3-7 that he was in in high school wishing he had a choice of not to go but I know he's gonna go anyways. He plays drums and I guess unfortunately they " need" him. Well, I need him to goddamnit.

My mom's having a hard time ever since her ex broke up with her. I'm trying to help my mother the best way that I can. Because that's what daughters are suppose to do. Help.

# Pray for me 🙏
# Pray for us 🙏

I have to also look for another job because these people are just begging me to quit they have me off Monday- Thursday of next week and have me working on the weekends... Late. Like that's some messed up shit right their. I can't be slow. Because I'm literally trying the best way I can. I mean they might as Well fire me if I'm so called slow to them and that I'm not.

My Math Lab. I finally got to chpt. 10 test. Still stuck on chapter 10 test. Still have 11 and 15 to go .

I honestly sometimes don't know what I'm writing anymore. I wasn't really gonna write in here today but... What the heck ???

You know.

This guy finally talked to me in math class he has a kind of Spanish looking name but he's NOT Spanish looking.

Anyways, I'm off tomorrow ( which is good because Ik for a fact that I wouldn't feel like going to work anyways ).

P.S. Taylor Swift new music video came out ft. Brenden from Panic! at the disco and the video was so.. Colorful.. I must say. Very catchy indeed. And I loved every bit of it. I was literally crying... Tears of joy. 😁


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