Experienced Life
2019-04-26 15:34:21 (UTC)

Home now

Got my epidural. It was behind my neck. Just like in Matrix. Put a hole back there :) lol. Didn't really hurt. The pain killer injection felt like a bee sting but the real needle that went a millimeter away from my spinal chord was the biggie. Pain was ok. Took awhile to thread that needle close to where it needed to be. They made sure I laid very still not to muck it up.

They did say it'll the 3-4 weeks for the effect if any. Could be 20%. Could be 70% pain relief. Dunno. But in 4 weeks, I get the shot in the right arm to take care of that. I'm sure getting my money's worth with my medical. %/1 will be my colonoscopy. That's just a general checkup and not because anything is wrong with me.

Maybe I should've taken some drugs because I'm not feeling high as a kit right now. Almost feels like I didn't even do anything today. That's good I guess but I was hoping for some pain relief. Hmm... I'll see in 3-4 weeks I guess. In the meantime, I can't go to the gym today. I'll try attending a session tomorrow.

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