2019-04-26 01:24:59 (UTC)

Prompt 021: 10 Years From Now

22. In 10 years, how will your life be different? Will it be better, worse, or the same, and why?

[NOTE: The following entries are related to the topic of The Future.]


I think nowadays is a worthwhile time to be asked questions about my future, otherwise I wouldn't come round to considering it. I'm grateful these prompts steer my thinking in that direction. Right now is a difficult time for me, personally. But - pardon my French - holy fuck, I'll be in my early 50's in ten years. I need to be thinking about this, regardless.

Ten years from now, I'd like to think I'd be experiencing the following:
- a valuable, empowering romantic relationship
- land of my own, and living in a dwelling I've built
- a distanced but solid relationship with my surviving family
- the ability to ride my bicycle as my main commuting vehicle, and to hike in the wilderness without being intimidated or winded
- a main employment gig, but some minor "side gig" streams of occasional income
- one or more of my board game designs is professionally published

I don't think any of that is too much to ask. Particularly if I remain disciplined about living within my means, I should be able to accomplish the land and living space goals.

Depending on my living arrangement, I may still have my current day job in 10 years. They like me, and I find the work extremely worthwhile. There will be no shortage of unemployed people needing worthwhile work, and I train them to do that. If all else fails, I will send myself to trade school and learn a skilled trade (plumbing has been on my mind for quite some time now), and/or I'll be an instructor somewhere. Maybe between now and then I could go back to school to become a legit teacher so I have credentials to back up my acumen and work history.

I enjoy being in a relationship. But long story short, it seems like I have some issues to work out before I pursue another one. I was going to wait for a referral from my doctor (I have an appointment in just about a week's time), but I also found an online resource where I can be in text discussions with a local therapist. I may contact that service early next week instead of waiting for a referral, because at least the online service is affordable.

I occupy an unusual place within my family. I have a younger brother, and an older sister. Each of them has brought 3 children into the world. Each of them is currently married (I actually officiated my sister's wedding last weekend... A very cool, humbling, and downright friendly experience. More about that another time). I have step-siblings as well, and am on good terms with them and their kids.

I have no children of my own, and I am divorced. I find myself alone a fair amount, and actually seek out solitude if things become too loud or over-stimulating. I read not too long ago, from another introvert, that we're best described as someone who "wants to be invited, even if they don't ever go." That's an apt description, if somewhat simplistic.

I'm meandering through this. Let me answer the final part of the original question: will things be better, worse, or indifferent? I'd like to think things will be better. But I have work to do to make sure it turns out that way. Life really is a bummer, but there are bright spots you can focus on to make it less of one, frequently. But it takes effort, patience, and kindness.

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