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2019-04-25 06:20:54 (UTC)

Starting the day

Don't know what the day will bring. I know work will be busy so that'll be good Gym will be AMRAP (as many reps as possible) so it'll be high in cardio for sure which I'm actually pretty good at. I do know that I start the day right. A couple cups of coffee to start the day. My way to start my zen for the day :)

Still no email from ex gf. I guess I"m out of the woods. I need to really stop doing stupid things like that. Am I allowed to say "my bad" to myself? haha.

Tomorrow I get an injection near my neck area for the pain. I think it's steroids. Not the kind that builds muscles. The kind that helps with the pain. I need it for my arms that has the pinched nerves. Hope it helps. They won't let me uber or drive so I had to ask my friends to help take me. They can't even leave. They have to wait and take me back.

That's all I got right now. Having my 2nd cup of kurig coffee in bed then I need to get ready for work. ugh....