peko peko
2019-04-24 11:59:09 (UTC)

Waiting for Interview Invitation from Company in J****?

Dear Diary,
Dear Readers,
Dear All Creatures,

I would like to share my boring story waiting for job interview invitation.
The recruiter from that company, asked me to wait for 1 week because that person should check my research result?
But it's been 2 weeks since then.....
Perhaps, this is the 'sign' that that person wants to say, that their company doesn't have interest to interview me.

Idk this is J*p*n*s* culture, or whatever, idk.
But, could you at least inform me? phew

I really want to block that person linked*n. But my mom suggested me to wait until the end of this month.

Well, let's wait until end of april.