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2019-04-23 13:35:19 (UTC)

Waiting for job confirmation

I am waiting for my official job confirmation which should come sometime this week. I am quite nervous about everything. I am nervous about the checks they are doing and I am nervous that I make a good impression when I start as they seemed to have been very impressed with me during the interview. Moreover the package is quite good and I see it as a new beginning in my life, I will be very dedicated to my work and will be quite ambitious as I see myself moving up the ranks in this organisation. I will use all the things I have learnt to make myself so important to my team and add value to the organisation.

In the meantime money is so hard to come by. I am struggling, i really do not know what I would have done if I didn't get this job, I can't thank God enough. I didn't even have enough money to go and see my sister yesterday or buy food, things are that bad but i keep smiling and doing what i can with what I have. I have some money I am trying to transfer into my current account but there has been so much delay due to the incompetence of the bank (but that is another story).

The child maintenance service have now set an interview date (first of July) to investigate my income from 2014 - 2018. I find it sad that my ex is pursuing things like this when I have always maintained that I have or had only a certain amount of money which I paid as school fees for the kids. It is sad that even with all her income and she knows I am out of a job and that the income I earned while in a job was used towards school fees she is still pursuing this agenda. Quite sad.

In the meantime I have to look for money to pay for the service provided by the USA Scholarship company for the month of April and them from May I will pay them for the next 4 months from my salary. I have to do what is right from my son.