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2019-04-17 11:36:54 (UTC)

Here I am

Here I am awaiting the checks to complete so that I can start the latest phase in my life. I am also going through the drama of my son going to an american university on scholarship. His mum is vehemently against it, unfortunately it is what it is. if he happens to go it will be a unique opportunity and if she manages to prevent him from going so be it. As a father I have done all I can and sacrificed a lot but unfortunately I can't do more than this. I have left the rest to God and pray to him that his will be done.

My finances is still in an utter mess and still not getting any state help in terms of income but one thing I have learnt in that last 2 months is how to manage with little or no money and how to discipline yourself finances and watch how money is spent. I hope it has put me in good stead for when I start to earn an income.

The job I have is from God, he has given me the ideal job with the appropriate income to grow and become what I believe I have come to do in this world. I want to spend the next 2 week preparing myself mentally for the start of the job. I will take this opportunity with both hands and progress to become a very motivated and successful employee.

So help me God