2019-04-22 22:44:50 (UTC)


I've been asked to write a speech. They've asked over a month ago. It is now less than five days away before I have to give this speech.
What the fuck?
I've discarded three different drafts. I'm not sure that I'm saying what I want to say. I keep getting lost in my own head.
My own head.
Now I'm here, with a blank canvas, brainstorming what I want to write about.
Let's go brain...

Radial waves floating softly in the distance,
echoing through a pulsating space bound between
two worlds
Revolving and spinning across the span of the galaxy
Blazing a trail into the horizon with birds singing
And truths defied and sunsets
And truths defied.
Bring me into peace and escape my conscience,
heart be withered into the dams of naked purity,
born to benevolence within mighty gazes across nebulas afar.
This is where I am now.
Fluctuating in sad pasts and bright futures.
[Gemini - Akali Remix]

Blue and white
Clear breaths and eyes
Throwing aims across fiery regrets
Every time we circle the nest the
Black in your veins should disappear
I know I've been gone for broken times
have lead to broken circumstances.
Unjust. Fixated. Angry.
Thrown into the heavens to score a touchdown among the entities.
A mouse click away from death and destruction.
an eternal crevice transformed to an abyss.
[Lost in You]

Exhaustion. Despair. Anger. Understanding. Confusion. Depression. Denial.
All focused into one atom and
exploding across the different segments of my brain
permeating my character and defining my destiny
the movement of atoms determining who I am and what I become
I must discipline myself. It will be working against myself.
Your waist against my hips.
Your heat on my chest.
My lips on your neck.
I will never feel anything so powerful.
So magnified and amplified. Never anything so
tragically beautiful.
[Only One - KIll Paris Remix]

Run again. Read again. Try again.
You got this.