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2019-04-19 22:58:04 (UTC)

Wine tasting tomorrow

We'll be going to Placerville CA tomorrow to hit a couple of my wineries I'm a member at and we always check out one new place we never been to. Probably have a picnic at the first winery because we pretty much have the entire patio to ourselves and the view is breathtaking :) These are with my friends I've known for 20 yrs now. Nice to have friends like that.

Left work early for a doctor appt. This is with the pain specialist I think. They'll shoot an injection in my neck to ease the pain on my arms in the interim. They'll also suggest a neurosurgeon. Later, they will inject my right shoulder as they saw inflammation there too. Just need it to get approved and I'll be good to go again. Just patch me up and I'll be off and running again.

Gym was good again today. Got there early to stretch and jump rope. Stayed later and did more jump roping. The coaches also told me that I'll be member of the month for June :) Wow!! I get some trinkets from them I'm sure but it's sure nice to finally be recognized. I must've been a little weak today because I was struggling with dead bugs. Maybe I was holding onto too heavy a wall ball. The rest wasn't so bad.

So it was a busy week. Not too many negative thoughts considering all that is happening. Maybe it's because of my kurig machine right next to me on my night stand? haha.

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