Do Not Disturb

2019-04-20 03:01:14 (UTC)

Lunch Break

Well, it's not technically lunch break since it's 10:02. We'll call it dinner break. Yea... Dinner break sounds more like it.

I hate that I have to work all this weekend and that means no seeing JT. And that means that I have to wait till next weekend when I'm actually off and I was looking forward to seeing him and he too.

Also turns out he's 6'0 not 5'11 he found that out when he went to the doctor today.

I saw it on his post as I was scrolling through Instagram. It always says he's active but it takes a while for him to respond to my messages and yes I know I'm a very impatient person. And he was responding to some girls response saying she was 10'10 ( which is a bold face lie ).

I honestly REALLY don't wanna work here but I can only quit if I find another job.

I tried a southwest avocado for the first time disliked the avocado ate the rest.

I feel kind of better after writing things down in this here diary.

Still gotta finish my unfinished project.

Hate that I work all of this weekend and that including Easter. Not like I was gonna get anything anyways.

Anyways, I have 2 more minutes in despair.

Get off at 12.

- A