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UnDiscovered Girl
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2019-04-19 17:40:52 (UTC)

Uh oh !

When you're suppose to be working night shift instead of morning shift.

I looked at the wrong schedule. I was looking at my next week's schedule.

I'm about to apply for another job because I know for a fact that my mom don't feel like driving me out in Eastchase all the time just to work. Their messing up my schedule.

I looked at my schedule for next week and I only work 3 days next week and I have four days off. I'm just about to go ahead and find me another job. I'm trying to apply for dollar tree since it's closest to home.

And what's even more worse is now I won't be able to see him today like I wanted too.

I tried asking her if I can work morning shift but she needs me working night shift instead and I hate working night shift.

People are always saying how I'm always and I quote "slow" but I mean if I'm that slow then why didn't you fire me from the start.

- A

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