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2019-04-17 18:02:58 (UTC)

Gym lady named Sarah :)

I sometimes see this lady and her name is Sarah. She's pretty dang fit. Nice smile. I saw an opportunity after class and introduced myself to her again. I chatted a little trying to get to know her. She's cute in my book. Not Barbie doll type of gym rat type but she looks healthy and she has a nice smile. Anyway, we chatted for a bit and maybe one day we'll have lunch or something. If I get the courage enough to ask. I'll wait a bit to see if she responds to my little prods and pokes. If I sense her liking me back, I'll ask her out :)

Today was mixed cardio and weights. The most fun part that I love to death is jump roping. This was one of our routines today. I can fly on jump ropes! Some double-under, cross, on leg happily-hops, and whatever else bullshit things I make up :) Bulgarian Split Squat was harder. Quads were still hurting from last Monday's walking-weighted lunges. So it didn't help we were using our quads again today. ugh... haha. The rest of the stuff was so-so. We did the mandatory one lap around the building. No superstars today so I came in first.

It's so nice to hit the gym. Makes life issues less important or seem less important after a workout. My blood pressure from the last check was in check so I guess the blood pressure meds must be working. Tomorrow, I have an EMG thing to test my nerve responses. My arm thing.....