Experienced Life
2019-04-17 17:56:19 (UTC)

Well, the roomie is leaving

I feel bad. After what happened with the heater incident with my roommate, her Sister and Health care provider is now looking to put her up in permanent mental care. So...... I failed. She'll be put in a mental hospital. No more access to cigarettes and tequila. No more freedom to do what little she had as far as freedom. I failed. It's supposed to be smooth sailing but this last incident with the smoke detector broke the last straw for her Sister. It'll take a few months to get her situated in a mental hospital but she will end up there. Dang it. Nevermind the money. I just sent a person to hell. She'll be confined in a restricted place. No more freedom. She will have watchful eyes on her and lets face it. Mental wards are overbooked and undermanned. She will be miserable. All because of a stupid heater issue and for her refusal to let it go. Sad that her life is over and she don't even know it yet. I for sure didn't help. I messed up by not being a better human being. She'll end up just so high on drugs and will be a walking zombie. That's what will happen. I've seen it. They don't want issues so they'll just be zombies till their funding runs out.

She has a few months here left because this isn't an easy thing to do. I'll try not to make waves for her last few months. :(