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2019-04-18 02:32:17 (UTC)

50 Midnight Questions

A friend sent me this and told me to fill it out, so I've done it and sent it to her but also want to paste it here in case anybody reads it and was hoping to learn a little bit more about me. I quite enjoy doing stuff like this although some of the questions that show up pretty awkward. Anyway, give it a shot if you enjoy it too! It's 2:30am and I didn't feel tired so it proved to be good entertainment.

1. What’s the wisest piece of advice your mother has ever given you?

Probably something cliché like, 'Treat others how you want to be treated' or 'If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

2. What was the worst haircut that you’ve ever gotten?

I'm not sure. My mum always loved me having very short hair when I was growing up. I went through a mosher phase when I was about 13-14 so my hair was crazy long. I also wanted my hair like Ronaldo (Brazil) when I was a kid, thankfully I never did!

3. If you died tomorrow, who do you think your death would impact the most?

My mother, without a doubt.

4. What question do you not want me to ask you?

I'm pretty open, go nuts.

5. What was your favorite snack when you were a kid?

Hmm, I really liked Taz bars.

6. How did you come up with the name for your pet?
I've never really had pets of my own, besides my kittens when I lived with my ex. We had two, I named the female Jaina. Jaina is a character from Warcraft who had patches of white in her hair. The black cat had patches of white on her so I kinda liked that.

7. What is the worst physical pain that you’ve ever experienced?
I had quite a lot of fights growing up in school but I think there's nothing worse than stubbing your toe or stepping on lego/a plug etc

8. What is the worst emotional pain that you’ve ever experienced?

9. What book was so bad that you didn’t even finish it?
I'm not a big reader to be honest, if I did start something then I tend to finish it.

10. Are there any colors that you refuse to wear?
Probably not, YOLO.

11. What one thing are you most proud of accomplishing?
I really enjoyed being best man at my friends wedding. That was really special to me.

12. If you could be interviewed on any talk show, which one would it be?
Probably Jimmy Fallon, I love that guy.

13. What’s the scariest ghost story that you’ve ever been told?
I don't really buy into them or believe them.

14. Are there any dreams or nightmares that stick out from when you were a child?

15. What do you think is the worst crime a human could commit?
I mean, no crimes are good crimes...but rape, murder, this seems like a very awkward question.

16. If you were reincarnated, would you want to be a boy or a girl in your next life?

17. What artist do you wish would be taken off the radio?
Nobody springs to mind, I'm very diverse so I pretty much listen to anything

18. Have you ever witnessed something unexplainable?

19. If you could go back to high school, what would you do differently?
Everything. Not take shit from people, work hard, respect and value myself.

20. How long do you think you could last without having intercourse?
Forever probably

21. Are there any mythical creatures that you believe in?

22. Is there a specific teacher that made your life miserable?
Nah, most teachers tended to like me. I was just a little shit.

23. What TV show or movie do you want to watch, but haven’t gotten around to it yet?
I need to watch Ricky Gervais' new show, 'After Life'. Heard so many good things and I am a massive fan, I've just been lazy lately.

24. Do you think any of your coworkers deserve to be fired?
There were plenty of people in my last job that deserved to be fired. People got away with murder in that place.

25. When you were little, what scenarios did your Barbies (or G.I. Joes) act out?
I don't really remember. I used to play with Action Men when I was a kid and my sister had Barbies but I couldn't tell you what scenarios we had.

26. Do you like the color of your eyes?
I guess

27. Do you believe that animals experience emotions in the same way that humans do?
I'm not sure. Maybe?

28. What’s the most embarrassing dare you’ve ever completed?
I don't really know. My best friend drank from his shoe last year though...that was interesting. I'm not wild enough for that.

29. What common food have you never actually tried?
Probably loads, I'll throw a 'wtf' out there though. I've never had a Nandos.

30. What’s your favorite cat breed?
I think norwegian forest cats are pretty badass

31. What’s your favorite section of the newspaper?
I don't really read it but it would be sport.

32. Which 90s show do you wish they’d bring back?
I only really watched Pokémon and that's still going.

33. Did your parents ever tell you why they chose your name?
I only discovered this two years ago. My mum named me Edward after Richard Gere's character in 'Pretty Woman'..not really sure how to feel about it.

34. What is one memory that you wish you could erase from your mind?
So many.

35. What TV show did you once love, but eventually gave up on watching, because it got that bad?
I try and stick them out and finish them. The ending for Dexter still has me salty as fuck though.

36. What (if anything) were you bullied over when you were little?
Not so much 'little' but I was bullied a lot in high school. Probably because of my taste in music and dress sense, I was an easy target I guess.

37. What’s your favorite font to use when you type?
I'm boring, it's probably Arial.

38. What age were your parents when they had you?

39. What’s the most embarrassing video in your recent Youtube history?
Probably something geek related

40. Have you ever seen a person (or a dog or a cow) give birth?

41. Do you think you’re overpaid or underpaid?
Neither currently -_-

42. Have you ever killed a houseplant?

43. Is there a specific number that holds a lot of meaning to you?
I like 7, 14, 31 and 49

44. On average, how many times do you wake up in the middle of the night?

45. Do you know your IQ?

46. Do you know your Myers Briggs personality type?
No clue

47. Which Netflix show do you think is overrated?

48. What is your favorite month of the year?
Probably May

49. Which family member do you secretly hate?
Most of my dad's side of the family, they are all pretentious as fuck.

That's it! I should really sleep, I have to get up early-ish tomorrow. I'm gonna play some table tennis with a friend and then I'm going running with Louise a bit later in the day. I'm gonna be so tired. What's new, eh?