Do Not Disturb

2019-04-17 21:35:37 (UTC)


I've been sleeping a lot lately. More than I usually do. But I mean that's what you get when you're doing both work and school to keep you occupied n it's part time.

I haven't been making as much since I took that one day off but because I wasn't " feeling well ".

Lesson learned.

Even if, I didn't go to school I would've been working full time and my schedule would be totally different then and I would be making even twice the money that I am making now working part time.

I'm in history class as I'm writing this. All my teacher do is read from the slides. Almost done presenting projects. We have 2 more people left but sadly those two people aren't here.

We're gonna try and see each other again Today. His mom's disabled so that's why I wasn't able to see him yesterday. She was in pain. And that that I understand because I would've done the same thing if it was my mother.

Anyways, still tired. Still sleepy.

- A

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