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2019-04-17 05:21:41 (UTC)

Good kind of pain

Woke up today with my quads telling me hello. This was from last Monday's workout. We did a lot of lunges and I was carrying weights doing it. My shoulders hurt from doing dumbbell cleans. Core feels ok surprisingly. All this keeps paying off. Nice being a little toner and just a tad bit more in shape. Hard to see improvements when you see yourself everyday. I got complemented again yesterday by this Mexican lady at the gym. She says she still recalls how I was when I started. She can barely speak English but she gestured with her hands about my beer belly. haha. Yup, that was me. I'm so glad that when I drive my truck, I can look down and actually am glad my beer belly is gone. That was always depressing seeing myself like that. I was ok with it because I knew it'd be a bitch to get rid of it but here I am, it's not all gone and I'm never satisfied but It's mostly gone.

I recall now that at the last wine bus tour last week, there were some peeps that haven't seen me in a couple years. I forgot that I lost almost 50 lbs since then and I got complemented on how I look now. Even the now married lady named Sean was flirty with me. Nothing bad but just flirty. Nice little ego boost. I know I know, i shouldn't need recognition from anyone to tell myself my worth. Still cool though.. :)

Anyway, I'm in bed and just used my new kurig machine for the first time. I had it for years now and never used it. In fact, my ex wife gave it to me so that's how long I had it boxed unused. Well, today I used it and it's freaking awesome. Freshly made coffee right next to me in bed. Maching is so good. I don't know why I didn't use it all this time. I think having an argument with my roomie yesterday may have been a reason why. I won't go over her craziness for now. Negative shit for next post maybe.

For now, I'm enjoying my day enjoying my coffee. Loving life.

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