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2019-04-16 19:12:05 (UTC)

Roommate issues

So I had lunch at home today. Roommate just got home when I did. The smoke detector went off. It was near her bedroom. She was in a panic and was just yanking the plugs off of any appliance to shut the noise up. OMG!!! Good thing she didn't or couldn't reach the smoke detector. Problem was from her heater. It caused the smoke detector to go on. So I had her unplug the heater and told her to return it for a new one. Just to make sure she understood, I took the heater out of her room to make sure she don't use it.

Well, when I get home, I see my heater gone. She told her Sister that I stole her heater so she took mine. OMG!! I told her that her heater was smoking and caused the smoke detector to turn on. But she doesn't get it. She just thinks I stole her heater. And out of spite, she stole mine. OMG!!! She is fucking nuts!!!!

But I don't have time for her shit. Her health care provider will come tomorrow and get her a new one. The one she took from me doesn't have a timer and it's an open faced heater so who knows if we'll last the night? Also, the Sister called her and my roomie came out screaming and using profanity towards me. Fuck that shit!!! She can get the hell out if she wants. Now I know. Now I know why she always has to move.