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2019-04-16 07:03:45 (UTC)

Back feeling better

Back is feeling better from the injection. I'm sitting up in bed and I don't feel the same pain on my lower back as I did yesterday. Also at the gym yesterday, I really had to push it when I was doing burpees. I could feel where the needle went inside of me. Today, I'm sitting up and it feels much better. It better be because we are doing what's called TABATA Tuesdays today. We will really light it up on our heart rates today and I need to get my weight down. After class yesterday, it hurt too much to do any more jump roping so I just went home to heal instead. I'm hoping to kick butt today.

Today, I'm feeling fine mentally I think. I'm still wondering if I'm fooling myself and still looking for validation of some sorts. I admit that I did think that I was planned to have gone to Cabo with my ex gf for at about this time but I look in the garage too and that new truck would not be sitting here right now if that had transpired. So, I'm glad how things turned out and that I have this new truck for hopefully years to come. I'm enjoying it's pleasure and it'll be used big time this coming summer for all my summer trips camping, fishing, hiking, wine tasting, etc, etc, etc.

Regarding my Catscan side effects, I think it's calmed down now. I didn't wake up puffy faced, my itchiness has somewhat died down. Most of the shit they injected in me had pretty much flushed through my system. If not today, I'm sure I'll be ok by tomorrow. Still didn't resolve my left arm issue but at least I know or think I know my neck is ok and won't need surgery there. ... maybe. haha

Ok, time to get ready for work and to weigh in. Yipes!!!! Oh yeah, my online date appt yesterday flaked as suspected. She just didn't confirm if she was going to meet me so I didn't go. That's how online dating is. They look around but don't have the balls to do something about it. Got no time for people like that anyway. Not knowing what they want to do and unsure about life. Gotta grab life by the balls and take a chance.

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