Calvin Levi Miller-Cage

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2019-04-16 01:55:13 (UTC)

I Guess That's How It Is For Me Whenever A New Commitment Surfaces

Woke up this morning around the same time I usually do. I was in one of those states of mind that make it almost impossible to realize you're awake until some overly distracting situation occur & disrupts your train of thought. I don't know why writing in this is the first thing I figured to do. It was almost automatic. I woke up & BAM! My brain signals me to grab the laptop off the floor by my bed & write in your journal thing. I guess that's how it is for me every time a new commitment surfaces. My brain makes it a point to do it every day for about a week until it realizes the body that it's trying to cooperate with is actually the most stubborn thing ever. As in, my brain'll tell me to write in it & I'll just continue to sleep or do whatever it is I'm currently doing and completely disregard whatever it is telling me to do. Sooner or later, it leaves. But that's not the point of this. I wanted to get this to help me with my ADHD. My doctor told me to get a journal & I originally ignored her, mostly because how was I gonna walk around with a journal in my hands? No. It was then that my best friend, who also happens to be my crush, told me about this website. I took the chance & VOILA! Here I am.