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2019-04-15 14:32:29 (UTC)

Gut check

Well, FB posted my ex gf's post. Wasn't able to filter it. She updated her profile. She's in Cabo. We were scheduled for that trip until we broke up and cancelled. Well, at least we cancelled us going but she used the free timeshare we got. So? What do I feel? Self assessment is fine. No heart stopping or anything like that. So I'm thankful that I'm not messed up by this. I realized yesterday when I took pics of our wine bus tour, I did pose with a few cuties. haha. Didn't meant anything by it. Just enjoying the moment and I am single so I didn't think anything about it. Anyway, it's with her on the beach I think laying on a pool sofa thing. Good for her she used it.

My earlier thoughts about Validation was in my mind all day. I think I'm pretty honest with myself when I say I am just trying to make my life as positive as I can. The person I am wanting will be way more affectionate that my ex gf. That's why now that I see these other possibilities, I am not just going nuts over them because they are cute. I'm also really looking for compatibility. My ex gf wasn't that loving affectionate person that I was looking for. She has her own skeletons in the closet and far from being perfect herself. She is just as lost trying to find her way in life like I am.
Still.... didn't realize this till now but I hope she was a little jealous from the pics I took posing with those cuties. haha. A little effe-you middle finger pointing just to be a little on the mean side. haha. Ok, I'm done now :)

I think I'm good enough to hit the gym today. My back isn't as hurting as it was earlier so I guess I healed a little bit and I'm ready to rock it at the gym. I weighed 160 lbs this morning. Hope to God it's the water weight thing!! If not, I got to work it this week :)