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2019-04-15 04:16:56 (UTC)

Validation Stage?

Man, I haven't been watching much self help vids on youtube much anymore. But when I did, it discussed "validation stage". Made me think and I hope I'm not there at that stage. While it's not a bad thing to be in that stage, I'd prefer to be further along than that. This stage I think is about validating your worth. Dating again to make yourself worth something. Doing things to validate you're ok now. Stuff like that. God I hope I'm not at that stage. I hope I'm further along than that. I want to be doing things not to validate but to carve out a life. Keep going on that path you know? Dang!!!! Need to assess myself again to sort of do a spot check on myself and where I am in life. Sheez-louis!!!

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