2019-04-15 11:20:14 (UTC)

Ex Finds out about Scholarship

A few days ago the company arranging my son's scholarship sent the welcome pack to us and copied his mum so she found out about the scholarship. As expected all hell broke loose. She has called and written them to say he is not going. Anyway, her sister has gotten involved and my son and i have explained the thinking behind what we did, which was to ensure we made the deadline to accept the offer and them my son will them spend time trying to convince her. When I spoke to my ex'es sister I told her I find it ironic that she was upset that she wasn't informed but she makes unilateral decisions about all the children and never involves me and my opinion doesn't count. Her excuse which she mentions to people is that I dont pay school fees which is a lie. We pay half the fees each. if for any reason I can't pay my half I still owe the debt to the school and the school and I are aware of the debt and have an arrangement to pay off.