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2019-04-14 07:02:00 (UTC)

Side effect from catscan

Well, I woke up with a puffy face on my left side. Haha. I look so stupid. I didn't breakout by I itch a little. All from the catscan I had last Friday. I'm looking in the mirror laughing at myself. I knew something like this was gonna happen. I just thought it'd be on Saturday. I was looking a little funny yesterday. Well, today I look way funky! The entire left side of my face must have all that crap they injected in me because it's so full of fluid now :) It's sort of how I looked when I was 50 lbs heavier. I could be a walking dead extra.

So... no dates tonight whether I want to or not. I did get this lady's number yesterday when we went on our wine bus tour but not going out with a face like this today. Her name is Glory by the way. Funny name. I kept wanting to say Gloria but she is pretty hot. She looks slim and weighs only 115 lbs probably. A nice distraction anyway. She says she doesn't camp so I can't have a girly-girl as my future partner in crime. I want someone that'll like the outdoors like me. I love to camp so we'll see. She doesn't live too far away. Maybe 13 miles? Not far at all. Anyway, enough about her. She's just cute is all.

Today, I hope to look unpuffy enough to make it to church. Then maybe movies with my friends or tinker with my truck. I just can't lie down anymore or that fluid they injected me with will rush up to my head again. I have to sit up or stand up all day. Just drink a lot of water so this things gets flushed out of me. So I haven't really decided on what to do this lazy Sunday morning. For now, sit up in bed and drink coffee :)

I also decided my backyard is looking too cool not to have a hammock so I ordered one from Amazon :) I got two big trees. Grass is nice and green. Birds are chirping and when I'm not out back, I can see squirrels, blue jays and other animals cruising around back there. I just watch them from in the house behind my sliding glass door. Even the stray cat I feed sometimes walks back there looking for me to feed her. I guess at times, I don't open my garage door so she goes back looking through the sliding glass door looking for me. Funny cat. I guess she's mine now.

Back to my wine bus tour yesterday. I forgot to mention I bumped into peeps I haven't seen in a few years. Really nice to see them again. Some guys I went kayaking with a couple years ago and that was nice. A lady that was single then got married for a couple of years now and she was all happy to see me too so we got to chat it up a bit and discuss the trials and tribulations of married and unmarried life :) I already mentioned Glory. and there was this lady that is cute and available but she lives in the bay area so that aint happening :) I'm just glad I'm not in the mindset of just falling for a pretty woman. I'm shocked myself. haha. I'm actually looking for compatibility in personality and even geography. What did I do to men and who am I now? hahaha.

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