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2019-04-13 14:56:32 (UTC)

Misses in life

Obvious there are many misses in life. I miss a fatherly figure in my life. I do have a father but still I dnt have one. In my office there is one elderly person who sits beside me, he is 63 yrs old gentleman, he is retired but still works coz he hates sitting idle at home. We greet each other everyday, we ask abt each other's lives, family and what's going on. I feel very nice to know a person who is such a responsible person and a best father anyone could have. I get amazed the way he loves his daughter just like my mom loves me and my sister. He always speak abt his daughter, what she bought, how is her nature and how he wants all best for her. I wish my father was even a percent of him but I consider myself lucky to have a mother who played a perfect role of both. It takes guts, hardship and lot of courage to be so for daughters. I just cannot thank enough to her and nothing in this world can compensate her love which she has given her. She sacrificed her life, her choices, her preferences, her wishes for us. She worked hard physically and mentally to provide us best she could ever do. I always and everyday pray God to bless my mom with happiness she deserves.
Today whatever me and sis are be it professionally or personally is just because of her. Today even if I write, I speak, I think is all because of her. And when today we buy her the simplest thing that brings smile to her face so bright and so happy that my heart goes for her. Today she cried because me n my sis bought her a phone and she was happy about it. She was happy that her daughters do for her. She cried that no one bought her anything and she I'd proud of us for whatever we are.
God give me strength and bless me to do more for her. Lots of love.