girls dont cry
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2019-03-03 23:49:15 (UTC)

she wished she was a mermaid

there once was a girl
a strange, quiet girl
who was the unlonliest of them all

she spent hours upon hours in the darkness of her bedroom
reading books and writing poems and getting lost all on her own
she searched often for places to hide
most times she did not want to be found

she found herself happy in these quiet moments
when asked why she slept so late
her only thought was that the night becomes so tranquil
only after the noise has gone and the people have returned to their resting positions
heavy breathing and snores unheard beyond their doors

she sat in silence in the family room once her family had long forgotten about her
they were unable to see past their dreams, of course
she watched the fish swim around in their tank
with the blue light creating a faux sun above their small heads
and she reveled in the silence of the moon

she wished she was a mermaid girl
so she could swim far far into the ocean
and sleep deep deep under the waves
where the only sound was of water pooling in her ears and sand gritting against her toes as she slept

she took baths and stuck her head underwater,
blowing bubbles with her leftover breath
feeling the burn in her lungs
"if only i was a fish" she thought
then she could unplug the drain, quick quick,
and swim away

in the pool she always chose the deepest spot,
places where she knew her feet could not reach
just to float in between the water and the surface
and feel the vast blue surround her entire being
like a hug but not a hug
because you see,
she was unlonely

once there was a girl
a strange, quiet girl
who was the unloniest of them all
and one day
she turned into a fish
and she swam far far away