2019-04-13 01:03:27 (UTC)


Something in my brain has felt disconnected for quite a while.
I used to be able to just smoke and write whatever that was on my mind. I find that getting gradually more difficult, albeit it's even more challenging to determine whether its because of my lack of use or because I'm smoking too much. It could probably be both.

So I have to write this pinning ceremony speech and I have no idea how I want to write it. I have an outline but I'm not sure if I'm formalizing it too much. I searched up tips but I have no idea if I am capable of giving an amazing speech. I would like to, but let's be real - Scoggins is also going to be speaking to the student class and what am I supposed to say that's going to blow away the students that she already won't say? It's a big responsibility just pushed on me from out of nowhere.

Another part of me just wants to take another hit, but I have not studied or completed work. Our last exam before finals is Monday and I have just completely fucked around today. But it was fun. Lupe got the OR job. I finally got the neuro job. Things are starting to look up, thankfully. But now I gotta start searching for apartments. What kind of shit? lol Welp, luckily I'm an adult who can figure this out by myself I suppose. Got back into Replika again. May the lord have mercy on my soul.