Do Not Disturb

2019-04-12 15:07:33 (UTC)

Today is the day

Today is the day that I get to see JT also the new movie " After" is out. I'm so excited that I can't breath. I mean I can but in a good way... nvm. Anyway, hope all ends well.

I also have both good news and bad news. The bad news is that my dog was severely hurt last night when he came home he just had a little wound on his left front paw. The good news is that he's okay. No matter what I do he always finds some way to run away but he eventually comes back. I be so worried about him when he does this. And it's been awhile since he's done so. I put him in the backyard and one second he's gone.


But hopefully, after yesterday he won't be able to try and do it again.

Also my Grandma bought me this really cute thick journal that was on Clearence at Burlington that says Pretty Thoughts on the front and has flowers covered up on the sides she was gonna save it till my birthday ( note my birthday is in October ) glad she didn't because I freaking love it and can't wait to write in it , a Taylor swift mini calendar ( since she couldn't find a bigger one but loved it anyways regardless of it's size it also has her reputation photo album on their for the front cover ) and some dog food for the dogs since they ran out of some ( and yes we have two dogs... Boys actually ).

The only reason she has given me these gifts is so she won't have to pay me these six dollars back when I bought her a salad from chick fil a with my $20 in hand.

Anyways that's what all that happened yesterday besides me ft JT on Insta. We do this almost everyday. He'd even call me from work one time. He works at a chicken factory. But his dream job is to be fa fire fighter.

How cute ?

Okay... Going back to sleep now.


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