Destiny K.

The Unsaid Thoughts
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2019-04-12 01:44:24 (UTC)

Still Hurting

I've been meaning to write my freaking thoughts out and now when I have this box open in front of me and I don't know where to start. i don't know who i am anymore. sometimes i don't recognize myself. i was strong and brave and gained good amount of confidence so why am i not strong anymore. why does this stupid friendship hurt so much? am i selfish? yes. i don't want to him to give all his attention and importance to those two person. i know that's rude and bitchy of me to ask so i never do. i don't own him. it's fine for him, he can be friends with anyone he wants why the fuck does it affect me so much? i really hate this. i hate how all those little things he did for me now he does for them. people say love hurts but guess again. friendship hurts more. it hurts way more. and it keeps hurting. i want it to stop hurting. but, it doesn't. everyday feels like a battle and i'm always exhausted af at the end of the day. he's not just where i study, he's always where i work. we go to and from together and those one hour either way feels like the world has decided to lay on my shoulders and i keep crumbling until i'm back home and there is only pieces of me left. i piece myself together for tomorrow and the process repeats itself.

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