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2019-04-11 17:53:17 (UTC)

Someone messed up at work

Well, someone made and change and the device that we tweaked died. DMV went down. Yipes!!! Not me though so I'm good. Makes whatever I do very much under the radar which means I get left alone and I can get my work done because they're dealing with the other network issue at hand.

Gym was good. AMRAP day. I always go above and beyond. As many reps as possible. I think I did the most. Spoke to Rachael today. We chatted and it was cool but she mentioned going home and the inevitable "boyfriend"!! Wah-wah!!!! Hint or just mentioning? I guess she threw the hint she is taken dang it. Regardless, I don't go after other people's girlfriends. Not my style. Wine Nazi will be saying "No wine for you!". haha. She's a nice woman so of course she can't be single.

Now I"m at home. Roomie was out smoking. She came inside and was wobbling around so I guess she is drunk as a skunk. I was nice though. Asked her how her day was and if she had been working out because she looked tired. She sat down for 5 min before saying she was tired and went back to bed. It was only about 6:30 PM when she said that but ok :) I get the family room to myself again. Scratch any privates that are itching if I want to without worry. haha. jk.

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