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2019-04-10 20:48:40 (UTC)

Pretty Nice day

Work was pretty good. Gym wasn't bad too. My arms were hurting. Bad way. My nerves pinched at my neck is causing pain on both arms. It's like when you hit your elbow and you feel that jolt going down your arm. Arm gets cold and really numb. Had that at the gym today. Some neck stretching exercises help a bit but I'm now pretty sure I'll have to have surgery to fix this. I'm ok with that :)

I nicely told my ex wife I don't want to hear from her anymore. I did the paperwork and that's that. Clears me of any responsibility so in the long run, it's a good thing for me anyway.

I asked this lady at my gym if she wanted to go wine tasting with me on a wine bus. She said she'd love to but can't this Saturday. Guess what? This wine bus tour is for this Saturday. So......raincheck. She's cute, blond, and friendly. We'll hook up another time. :) Her name is Rachael. She's nice. I like her. We've been gym friends making small talk for about 6 months now.