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2019-04-10 18:36:47 (UTC)


It’s not all sobs in my life, I have a few things I live for. Early last year I registered an NGO that I used to help the needy, orphans, prisoners among others. Last year was a prideful year for me, there was so much that I did, that has given me a sense of fulfilment. I mobilised a huge number of youths to do clean up at the National park and even collaborated with other NGOs to build dustbins for the park. I had vision for my NGO, I have hopes in it that one day I’ll be able to do more good for my community. I envision that I’ll touch hearts and souls of many because I know that’s what am meant to do. I get peaceful when I serve the people and give them a reason to live. Isn’t that an attribute of a leader? To be selfless? To have others at heart?...